[ /'a-jent-si/]



1. is a business that provides nurses to people or organisations who need the services of healthcare professionals. Nurses are usually engaged by the agency on a casual employment contract and make themselves available to provided help to hospitals and other clients. For the client, nursing agencies offer professional staff at short notice, eliminating much of the recruitment, training and risk associated with permanent employment.

Caring for others is contagious*

Established in 2005, I-Nurse is owned and run by nurses. In fact the founders have over 40 years combined experience in the industry. Excellence in patient care is their primary focus and so they have developed a culture at I-Nurse around caring and its catching!


Our core business is nursing recruitment and we have spent over 10 years honing our craft in delivering tailored healthcare solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. As part of The I-Care Group, I-Nurse is a general and specialist nursing agency. We provide nurses to hospitals, aged care facilities, councils and the wider community. Our greatest asset is our high quality nurses.


Our philosophy is simple and we are committed to it; CARING.

We care for our staff, we care for our clients and we care about our performance.


Staying connected with you is how we show you we care. Whether we meet you face to face or via technology, every interaction is an opportunity to build our brand of caring.


Our philosophy is reflected in our client strategy "Customers Are Really Everything". It is this approach that drives our commitment to delivering industry leading customer satisfaction.


We track our performance to not only maintain our industry leading customer satisfaction rating, but also to learn from our actions and develop innovative methods of improving.


Deb Mackellin

General Manager


Deb is a born communicator and loves to make others feel at ease. With qualifications in business, psychology and nursing Deb is perfectly suited to oversee customer relations, recruitment and staff well being. Her skills also extend to quality control and the management of staff education.

Justin Mackellin



As managing director Justin drives the vision for the company and is involved in working with our largest clients. His expertise in delivering measured outcomes provides us with a profound edge and strategic direction.


In 2010 I-Nurse co-founded and funded a secondary school scholarship program in Vietnam for orphan children. Today we have over 140 children attending school. If you ever travel to Nha Trang feel free to message us and we can arrange for you to visit the children.