[ /'Kli-ent/]



1. a person or organisation that uses the professional services of a person or company.

Example: The company has always acted in good faith for its client.

We deliver hassle-free staffing solutions; simple*

We understand your need to seamlessly engage suitably qualified nurses in times of need. I-Nurse will deliver the highest quality staff whilst saving you time and money. Supplying you with the best specialist nurses requires expert recruitment skills. We guarantee you are not left inconvenienced at a ward level by incompetent agency staff. Our nurses have consistently provided our clients with exceptional service which is supported by our customer satisfactions scores in the leading range of 95%-99%.


Our dedicated team of experts will find you the right staff for the right shift every time. In fact we guarantee it.
Over more than 10 years we have consistently secured preferred supplier status with some of Australia's largest hospitals who trust us to manage their specialist staffing needs.

Our innovative allocations software ensure reliability, staff compliance and industry leading response times.


By engaging our services:

1. You will receive only the best specialist nurses. All our nurses are thoroughly vetted during our induction process. 100% of our nurses are CPE compliant and we adhere to our strict "no compliance; no work" rule. All our nurses are punctual, well presented and well mannered.

2. Your organisation will save on time and expense through our customised service modules.

3. At the end of each month you will receive a suite of detailed reports allowing you to track and measure our performance. This helps your organisation plan its growth and to make informed decisions about controlling your agency usage.

4. You minimise your risk through our gold standard management systems. We are a member of the RCSA and governed by industry codes of conduct. We hold current ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification. And we protect you with our comprehensive insurance policies.


Use the form below to request one of our specialist nurses to work with you:


I-NURSE has developed a reputation for honesty and reliability which is essential to the efficient delivery and management of a casual workforce. Their consistent approach to compliance over the years has meant we save on cost and time.

I-NURSE nurses conduct themselves in a very professional manner with no reports of incident. Their staff are punctual, well presented and exhibit excellent clinical knowledge.

Whenever a concern has been raised, I-NURSE responds swiftly and professionally delivering high level outcomes whilst avoiding any disruption to our business.

I am happy to recommend I-NURSE as a preferred supplier. They are very professional and reliable.

Central Staffing Manager - Major Client

I have always found I-NURSE to be timely, helpful, resourceful, flexible and respectful in their dealings with myself and other staff.

Importantly to me, the calibre of staff I-NURSE employ is of a very high standard and they try at all times to provide consistency of staff to ensure greater continuity of care to our patients. They are the first preference for this unit to fill shortfalls in our staffing requirements.

Nurse Unit Manager - Major Client